our Clients

Environmental Safety Suite components are adopted by a range of clientele across North America and Worldwide.

Our Customers coming from different industry segments and geographical locations. Our largest industry segment by far is higher education.

  • Higher Education
  • Chemical Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospital Research Institute
  • Governmental Research
  • Environmental Research
  • Animal Health
  • And more..

We are in present at various geographical locations, coast to coast in twenty-one US States, variety of customers in Canada, Europe and Middle East 

Our ability to successfully implement high-quality solutions has earned us a reputation for thoroughly innovative analysis and design expertise, superior development and implementation proficiency and outstanding maintenance and support capabilities.

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Latest News & Events

Find out about the new developments that we work on & what is new at SIVCO

This year SIVCO is planned to develop a Controlled Substance Management and Tracking System, as an additional Module to our EHS Suite. Adding that to the already covered Radioactive and Biomaterial Management we will provide an integrated system managing all regulated materials. Drugs or other substances that is tightly controlled by the government because it may be abused or cause addiction. The control applies to the way the substance is made, used, handled, stored, and distributed. We will update our customers as we make progress about this new electrifying area.

Application Modernization is continued by the outlined roadmap. Streamline execution started with the Backend Java Update to New Technology. We have scheduled and completed related upgrades and monitor the applications. The upgrade assists with integration with Customer’s legacy systems, web security along with other issues. Further actions outlined to improve usability and transition to modern architecture and user interaction.

Our Team started a new implementation

February 2022

SIVCO welcomed a new customers from the chemical research and development industry segment. The CHEMATIXTM, Chemical Inventory project starts with customer legacy data import and wide area user training.

SIVCO welcomed new customers

July 2021

Two higher educational institution from the Sunshine State adopted CHEMATIXTM for managing their chemical safety.  We are serving the higher educational community in the past twenty years. The Hi-Ed Environmental Health and Safety professionals enhanced our staff knowledge and experience in the chemical safety field.

Secure remote communication

January 2021

Reorganization and risk mitigation was essential when the majority of our customer’s implemented a work from home protocol. Establishing secure remote access to Customers’ installation protecting data and providing quick access to each user outside from their internal network.

SIVCO implemented additional security and virus protection and regular scanning procedure.

International distributor of chemicals

March 2020

International distributor of chemicals, biological materials and related instrumentations R&D Team joined our CHEMATIXTM, Chemical Inventory user group. We always welcome our new customers with a great excitement and enthusiasm.

When COVID-19 attacked the world

March 2020

When COVID-19 attacked the world, we notified our Customers, that we are at SIVCO developed a remote working environment having virtual offices. Our staff connected to SIVCO’s network through secure VPN gateways and using multiple communication tools for web conferencing and virtual phone connections. We are fully accessible and available from anywhere at any time.

SIVCO welcomed a new customer

December 2019

SIVCO welcomed a new customer affiliated with the health care industry. A major hospital’s Research Institute joined our CHEMATIXTM user family. The implementation process kicked-off in mid-September and was completed by the end of the year with uploading inventory for a system which was replaced.

Web Content Accessibility testing

December 2019

Web Content Accessibility testing and Guidelines review has been the last inhouse task at SIVCO in 2019. We regularly review recommendations and test our applications based on the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

Chemours selected CHEMATIXTM.

July 2019

Chemours selected CHEMATIXTM. SIVCO is proudly welcomed a large international organization chemical experimental station as they inventoried their chemical containers using CHEMATIXTM. Inventory and labeling all containers was done with a contracting team, who had experience with our system form past engagements

SIVCO welcomed a new customer in Qatar.

March 2019

SIVCO welcomed a new customer in Qatar. The Environmental Research group who is affiliated with a local University was our first customer form the middle east. With late night web based training sessions, we successfully overcame on the time zone differences.