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The basis of our solution is the Environmental Safety Suite software components, which can be purchased individually or multiple modules at once. The “off the shelf” software application is the foundation of the safety initiative which can be implemented and used immediately and capable to accommodate unique requirements and business processes through configurable options, modifiable business process and user instruction.

We consider it our mandate to ensure you excel in your business. SIVCO custom designed solutions can give your company the competitive edge. Putting the information that matters to work for you, streamlining business practices and operations, and reducing input costs and overhead. We assist our clients in gaining market advantage, setting industry standards, strengthening business alliances and maximizing your return on investment.

Serving a broad range of clientele all across North America, SIVCO has applied innovative technology solutions to a number of industries. Our ability to successfully implement high-quality solutions has earned us a reputation for thoroughly innovative analysis and design expertise, superior development and implementation proficiency and outstanding maintenance and support capabilities.

At SIVCO, we facilitate the important business of information management by providing technology solutions in key areas such as: web-enablement, e-commerce, data management and business intelligence.

The other important component of our provided solution is integration with existing systems which is exceedingly important making sure that our application will exchange data and information with previously implemented system, such user or financial related information or anything else that make sense from the business prospective.

Our services


SIVCO Environmental Safety Suite components are installed to a central server located our customer’s premises. The centrally located server is accessible by every institutional user via their web browser or internal network.


Perhaps the most important feature is the ability for CHEMATIX™ and other Environmental Safety Suite applications to interface with existing legacy systems, especially financial, authentication, facilities and accounting systems.


SIVCO is pleased to offer comprehensive customization options with CHEMATIX™, from the user level all the way down to system administration.