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Initial system review and validation can commence immediately. SIVCO project management staff will be available for system review sessions, involving comprehensive analysis of all user processes and associated interfaces, with the implementation project team members.

During this process, Transfer of Knowledge, defined as information, knowledge, and procedures that are needed to assume the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the application/system, shall occur from SIVCO staff to client. This knowledge transfer follows a normal process that includes mutual participation throughout the project, training, walk-through(s) and documentation. Configurable options are reviewed and discussed making sure that business process defined as per customer’s request.

The implementation assistance is an ongoing informal communication between SIVCO’s designated project manager and customer, making sure that the purchased software properly implemented. As a result of this ongoing one by one communication our applications implementation success record is much higher than most enterprise software implementation. Implementation completed within a planned time and most importantly within budget.


SIVO Environmental Safety Suite components are installed to a central server located our customer’s premises. The centrally located server is accessible by every institutional user via their web browser or internal network.

Application installation is expected to be smooth and seamless, as SIVCO utilizes open-standards development tools that are compatible with heterogeneous systems.

Installation usually completed via remote access and completed by SIVCO. Our Environmental Safety Suite components can run on operating environment preferred by our customers (Linux, Windows). VM environment also supported.


During the warranty and support period SIVCO will provide a prompt response (within 2 hours) during regular business hours.

Furthermore, designated client representatives, as defined in the support license agreement, will be permitted to contact SIVCO for technical support outside of normal business hours according to premium level support guidelines.

Maintenance and support service also includes monitoring application performance, installing upgrades and providing full assistance as needed.  


Updated versions of the Program may be created by SIVCO from time to time. As stated in the License Agreement while new releases and updates are variable and do not follow a fixed schedule (i.e. quarterly or annually), customers with valid support agreement will entitle to any new releases or updates as they are completed and made available to subscribers.

The quick and seamless procedure of upgrade installation will be conducted by SIVCO support staff as part of the “Maintenance, Upgrade and Support” agreement.


Perhaps the most important feature is the ability for CHEMATIX™ and other Environmental Safety Suite applications to interface with existing legacy systems, especially financial, authentication, facilities and accounting systems.

Key to our success is the ability of to be configured to exchange essential data between systems, thereby maximizing utilization of existing technology, reducing overall upgrade investment and drastically increasing productivity.


SIVCO is pleased to offer comprehensive customization options with CHEMATIX™, from the user level all the way down to system administration.

Interfaces are vital to usability and user compliance. We recognize this important feature and have allowed for customization of user interfaces to capture not only the necessary requirements of your business but the look and feel that defines your image.

Reporting is another key area in which customization is vital. Standard system reports are enhanced by an almost infinite combination of customized reporting options for users at all levels.

Additional user types and regulatory bodies can also be designed into our safety systems with varying levels of access, authority and responsibility.


End-user training is available in a variety of delivery formats. Entirely optional, training can be designed for any number of end-users as per the training requirements outlined by the Client. SIVCO will provide proper user manuals and training exercises. SIVCO will provide printed user manual for each training attendee, additionally client will receive the electronic format of the user manual, and hence the printed user manual can be distributed. These hands-on user manuals in conjunction with on-line help can most certainly provide all the necessary training required to efficiently operate.

We strongly recommend the “train the trainer” option for our large customers, yet training is provided as requested. Onsite training is supported and alternatively web based training session also can be arranged.


Find out about the new developments that we work on & what is new at SIVCO

This year SIVCO is planned to develop a Controlled Substance Management and Tracking System, as an additional Module to our EHS Suite. Adding that to the already covered Radioactive and Biomaterial Management we will provide an integrated system managing all regulated materials. Drugs or other substances that is tightly controlled by the government because it may be abused or cause addiction. The control applies to the way the substance is made, used, handled, stored, and distributed. We will update our customers as we make progress about this new electrifying area.

Backend Java Update to New Technology is something that we have done a few times since first CHEMATIXTM, release. We have scheduled a new upgrade for the summer months and usually these upgrades require major resources and attention. Our customers will not notice these changes on the usability level, all our system will behave the same as they are right now. The upgrade will assist with integration with other systems and web security amongst other issues.

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