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Environmental Safety Suite

SIVCO has taken on the responsibility of protecting human health and the environment through the ongoing development of software products for the environmental health and safety industry. All components of the Environmental Safety Suite are designed as web-enabled, enterprise applications built upon J2EE technology. This allows each solution to be easily integrated with other systems and for all solutions to be fully implemented in conjunction as one complete Environmental Safety Enterprise Solution. Each innovative solution within the Environmental Safety Suite also has the unique ability to be implemented and operated individually, providing precise solutions for specific mandates relating to Chemical Management, Bio agent Material and Research Permit Management, OSHA Reporting, Hazardous Training Management, etc.

We invite you to review the currently available software solutions as well as the upcoming products currently under development. If protecting the environment, ensuring community safety and regulatory compliance is part of your day to day activities, then contact us and let SIVCO assist you. If your business includes accurate reporting, complete record management and comprehensive inventory control of all scientific materials throughout their entire life cycle, then let SIVCO introduce you the most innovative and comprehensive suite of Environmental Safety Solutions.


Environmental Safety Suite

Features the Following Innovative Products


The full spectrum of chemical management and chemical tracking solution. Specifically handling Chemical Inventory and Chemical Waste Management. More so accommodates managing a Chemistry Store.


Designed to comprehensively track and manage radioactive license, permit, radioactive material possession, use and disposal. Innovative solution with full functionality to meet with regulatory requirements and responsibilities of researchers and radiation safety officers.


With brood functionality facilitate general Lab Inspection with customizable check lists and follow-ups. Safety Equipment inspection facilitated for Fume Hoods, Safety Plumbing, Autoclaves and Biosafety Cabinets

Fire Safety Inspection

Generating a unique barcode for each fire extinguisher and their associated mounting place. Inspecting fire extinguishers with an efficient scanning process and maintaining periodic hydrostatic audits.


Managing bio permits with periodic renewal notifications. Recording locations where bio agents are used, and their responsible owners. Bio agents inventory recorded


Online Accident Reporting System is a critical element in a safe and healthy work environment, providing accurate and timely reporting of work-related accidents, incidents and near misses. OARS has been developed to comply with the OSHA record keeping rules.


Find out about the new developments that we work on & what is new at SIVCO

This year SIVCO is planned to develop a Controlled Substance Management and Tracking System, as an additional Module to our EHS Suite. Adding that to the already covered Radioactive and Biomaterial Management we will provide an integrated system managing all regulated materials. Drugs or other substances that is tightly controlled by the government because it may be abused or cause addiction. The control applies to the way the substance is made, used, handled, stored, and distributed. We will update our customers as we make progress about this new electrifying area.

Application Modernization is continued by the outlined roadmap. Streamline execution started with the Backend Java Update to New Technology. We have scheduled and completed related upgrades and monitor the applications. The upgrade assists with integration with Customer’s legacy systems, web security along with other issues. Further actions outlined to improve usability and transition to modern architecture and user interaction.

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